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Lunar Tides - logwood/iron/tannin naturally dyed screen printed bandana


Lunar Tides - logwood/iron/tannin naturally dyed screen printed bandana

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Lunar Tides - logwood/iron/tannin naturally dyed screen printed bandana


Original screen print design drawn by hand

+20" x 21"
+original design screen printed in white on natural logwood and iron and tannin dyed 100% cotton bandana
+the natural dyeing process requires several dye and wash cycles, so these are nicely broken in
+variations in the dye & screening are part of the handmade nature of this item
+machine wash with like colors, tumble dry low

Logwood, a member of the pea family, is a native to Central America. Upon its discovery in the 16th century, it was prized in European aristocrcacy for its range of soft lilacs to rich purples and black. Logwood was in such high demand that Spain and England went to war over regions that were lush with logwood trees in an effort to monopolize the cash crop. The conflict was somewhat settle with the 1763 Treaty of Paris, conceding to Britain the right to cut logwood but maintaining Spanish sovereignty over the disputed territory. War broke out again in 1779 and the British abandoned their settlement until the Treaty of Versaille in 1783 ensured their ability to harvest logwood again. However, by that time, the demand for logwood had fallen, with Honduras Mahogany becoming the regions' chief export. Today, logwood is used as a traditional textile dye, a laboratory stain and for dyeing sutures. 

**Available for wholesale to verified vendors.

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